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"Animations Select - Ice" features 10 stunning effect animations revolving around the pack's theme. Harness the power of Ice to freeze and shatter your foes! 


“Animations Select” is a series of premium animation asset packs designed to provide game designers with flexible and affordable options to upgrade specific areas of their projects. Unlike "Animations Collection", the focus of each "Animations Select" is much narrower; the former provides breadth, the latter provides depth.



  • Casting Animations x 2
  • Magic Spell Animations x 6
  • Full-Screen Animations x 2
  • Contains both 60-FPS and 30-FPS versions of each animation
  • RPG Maker MV Demo Project 
  • User Manual 


  • All assets are PNG spritesheets
  • Each frame in the spritesheet is 192x192 pixels (sized for RPG Maker, SRPG Studio), each spritesheet has 5 columns and 2 ~ 20 rows (for a maximum of 100 frames per sheet)
  • Designed and tested for RPG Maker MV, RPG Maker VX Ace, but can be used in other engines as well.



The following Terms of Use ("Terms") applies to all the assets included in this product ("Assets").

1. Dreams Circle and its affiliated creators retain all original ownership, copyright, and other rights associated with this product and these Assets.

2. While these Assets were designed to be used for making games, they can be used without restriction for any other purposes.

3. These Assets can be used for any monetary or non-monetary purposes.

4. These Assets can be freely edited and modified.

5. These Assets may not be resold, published, or distributed in any way other than as an integrated part of the project for which they were used for; this applies to Assets that have been edited or modified as well.

6. When selling, publishing, or distributing any project in which these Assets have been used, it is mandatory to include the following as part of the credits:

Animations Select - Ice © Dreams Circle

7. Dreams Circle and its affiliated creators are not liable for any damages or issues that may arise as a result of using these Assets.


© Dreams Circle. All Rights Reserved.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

AS Ice.zip 87 MB
AS Ice for MZ.zip 36 MB

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I love this ice one, I'll be waiting to see what new animations you bring in the future. I wanted to give you a future idea for

1- Arcane: animations seated in magic in its purest form and ether

2-A collection of non-magical animations, you know Swing and hammers impact, showers of spears and stuff.

Have you happy a great Christmas.

Hi Starfall Union,

Thank you or your support, and we appreciate your ideas!

Have a great holiday and stay safe!

Dreams Circle

Wonderful piece of work! I was really waiting for this! 

I like all the animations and i hope you will continue with this serie :)