Animations Select - Ice Updated for RPG Maker MZ

To our cherished patrons and supporters,

The MZ-compatible effects have been added.

For both owners and prospective buyers, you should see that a new file, "AS Ice for", has been added to the downloadable contents for this product. This zip file contains the MZ Demo Project as well as a brief How-To guide for copy/pasting the assets into your own projects. 

If there are any issues or feedback you would like to provide, you can always reach us through the channels provided in the manuals of all of our products.

Stay safe and healthy!

Dreams Circle

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Just a heads up: The MZ project in this pack can't be opened ("can't read the actor.json file"), and the MV project is missing half of the animations. I can still get them to work by manually setting up all the animations from scratch in my own project, but it's kind of pointless to have demo projects when they aren't set up correctly.